As so as august started I walked around with a mask on mt face I didn't know who to tell my real friends or just friends that i have when I'm lonely

It didn't hurt me .... you ever wonder why you did what you did
Marcos I looked at my phone and no it was you it me brayan

"HEY BITCH" the messaged said
me- "Hey whore whats up where you at?
him- " I'm in the cafetriena come over here n we can catch up"
me- okay I'm on my way
i hung'd up to go, met up with him n when i looked up i saw a boy, i kept looking and looking to see who he was. I looked at him, his brown eyes and glasses the cutest smile ever I thought that was the last time I ever seen him, boy was i wrong ...

After me meeting up with my lil whore he kept going on and on about him and juan how happy he is
Later i had gone to Rancho san Miguel and then i see him again, he was pushing and gathering all the carts up.
I went in the bakery alley n I told the girl
she said leave me your number and I'll give it to him, I'm so glad i did