Have you ever spent all your day without knowing where you are heading in life?

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Some people might be at a very good place in life right now where they are doing what they love, but others might find their lives with no purpose. There is nothing wrong with that. You don't have to feel useless just because you have yet found a passion or motivation to get through the day.

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Take it slow:

  • Don't rush yourself. It's not easy figuring out your motivation(s), the reason you to wake up everyday.
  • Try out new things, something you wouldn't imagine yourself doing. That might be your new interest. Give things a chance you might end up loving it. If you do not shift your focus, you will only know the things inside your bubble.
  • Take a closer look. It might be there all along. You can overlook the small actions that you do everyday. You might do a lot of writing on your free time, that might be a sign. Look around ...
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I love passionate people because I can feel the fire burning in their chest when they're speaking about what they love. I see sparkling eyes, and run on sentences explaining how someone can love something so deeply. It's the satisfactions that motivate individuals to pursuit their interests. Passionate people found their reason.

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We still have time to figure things out, it might take you 3 years to taste that flavorful Indian food, to be inspired to become: a food blogger, a cook, or a traveler going around the world to taste the distinct food.

It might be a long time until you know your capabilities. It might be right in front of you. It's different for everyone, but when you find what you are passionate for - Hold tight and DON'T LET GO!

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I found my passion in my freshman year of high school and it was fashion. I will become a fashion designer.

Here's a little background about me

  • I'm Asian and been living in america for about half my life (not as long as it sounds)
  • I've been loving art since I'm a little girl, but my idea of art was pretty narrow, it must be painted, sketched, or animated. I can't do realistic art until now but I embrace my style.
  • Being a fashion designer had always been on my top list of occupations, but I never'd thought of pursuing it.
  • One day it all add up. I know why I always notice people's clothe, my love for colors, I can easily visualize 3D objects, or just know the fabric arrangement by looking at any outfit.
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I found my love for art

I had to pick a job and do some research for presentation and I picked fashion designer. I always said that I will be a fashion designer everyone someone asked for my dream job. It was just a quick respond I give people. This is back when my knowledge about fashion was very limited. Then I met a friend who also love fashion, she had all her information, she did her researches, and she even know how to sew. I feel so unprepared and questioned whether I truly love fashion as much as I claimed.

I had a small lined journal that I would draw the outfits and faces that stood out to me, I did daily sketches on any page I flipped through. It was quickly filled by a few month. I started learning about fashion illustration, and poses. After a few months I mastered my croquis form (based on a 10 head-scale to design clothes with more design space) and all kind of ideas came together on my sketches. I've always been a dreamer and creative person, ideas keep coming to my mind, but putting my thoughts on paper was difficult.

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The passion died down a little when I was in my sophomore year, I keep myself updated with fashion news, but I haven't made much sketches or neither was I inspired to do so. But my love for design never stopped, I would check out people's outfits that's when I seen the individual styles. I learned about fabric types and really wanted to learn how to sew. The sketches are just theories unless I can wear it. I let more people know about my passion, and spent more time learning about fast fashion, and ethical fashion. The more I learn the more I was hooked to it. It was a tough year because I've been out of my interests but it never truly died out, sometimes it ignite sometimes it's dim. I was considering if I'm able to keep my inspiration going or whether I love it enough to spend a long time and make a career out of fashion. I made a promise to myself that if I stop loving fashion I would quit, because it's no good when I stop loving it. I would not endure the pain and force myself to work for a job instead of building my career.

Junior year just started and for the first time I truly felt accomplished. I can do straight stitch on the sewing machine after 5 minutes. It was frustrating but I pulled it through. The second day I spent 2 hours sewing and time just passed by so fast. I never felt this proud knowing I'm making progress taking baby steps toward my goal. I heard my mom telling my sister that I thought sewing was easy, but maybe because I like it so I was able to pull it through. I can picture the layout of the shorts and the stitch marks, I can;t stop thinking of it. I was smiling the next day happily telling people who support my love for fashion my accomplishments. It's basic but I'm learning. I've never spent 2 hours doing something and was not aware of the passing time. I believe what keeps me going is the I Will Wear My Designs" written in glow paint next to my bed. I would read that and push myself.

I've cried so many times over this topic of fashion, I don't know when it started to mean so much to me. I like to be different and be my own character. But when it comes to something I truly care about I want to feel accepted. It hurts to hear my parents to think I'm wasting time over something that would not earn much money. My parents never forced me to pursuit any specific job, but they would like me to have a good live. I remember I once told me mom "It's not about the career but being the best to make a name for yourself." Over time they see how serious I am about designing they stop thinking it's a joke and helped me out.I love it when people see my dedications and believe in me. I want people to see my passion like how I see the flames in their chest.

Take your time you will know when you find what you truly care about, it will make sense when you found it. For now if you are currently following your interests, keep the fire burning. If you haven't found it keep looking and enjoy your life.

p/s Let people see your passion.