I remember a few months ago I was talking to my sister about people that are sad and are anxious. I also know that my sister went through a period of when she was deeply sad, but it wasn't the sad where you're depressed. It was the sad where she missed someone and she couldn't believe that the person did this to her. I was quite young when she went through it, so I didn't understand. But I'm older now and I do know what she was going through, but it doesn't meant that I understand how she was feeling. I can't understand because I've never gone through it myself.

And then the conversation steered towards me. I think I said something about being sad myself and I remember my sister telling me, "You don't have anything to be sad about. You have good grades and a family that loves you."

I remember feeling very angry with her because she doesn't understand everything that goes on in my mind. She doesn't understand the struggles that I go through everyday while at school or anywhere people are involved. How can she tell me that I don't have anything to be sad about when she doesn't understand what I'm going through?

Being happy is not just having good grades and a family that loves you. It's about loving yourself and being happy that you are who you are and not anybody else. It's not about wanting to be somebody else because you can't stand who you are and that you can't do anything right. It's not just what you see on the outside. It's about what's on the inside.

Sadness is not what we see; it's what we feel.