The first time I moved to a new country was in September of 2009, I was 6 years old and we took a train from Florida to New York where the Canadian Border is at.

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It took about 2 days to get there if I remember correctly,when we arrived at New York it was already dark, I don't remember much considering I was so young and so clueless to as what was happening, but I do recall waiting in a room for what seems like hours while these men were reviewing over our legal papers and stuff like that again, I was 6 keep that in mind.

After what seemed like an eternity my family and I finally got through and came out the other side, and well with time we settle down in the province of Montreal and eventually I start attending school, I had to learn French because the area I lived in the people spoke mainly French, I lived a good 3 years in Canada but at the age of 9 I had to move... again.

I had to leave everything behind me a second time at only the age of 9, now I know I wasn't the only kid with a childhood spent moving around and never settling down but that is why I'm here, I want to tell you guys what it's like, what the person is feeling while all this is happening.

At the beginning I guess I was happy and anxious, one of the reasons being that I was going to see snow for the first time and also me being such a friendly and social kid I knew I was going to make a lot of friends and I wasn't wrong, but deep down I was dreading it I didn't want new friends, I didn't want a new home and I didn't want to go to a new school either, but that was it I was only thinking in me not in my brothers, not in my parents but only myself, I wasn't thinking that it would be painful for my brothers who were much older than I was nor was I thinking of how painful it was going to be for my parents who have lived in Florida most of their life; These were the thoughts that came to mind in that moment and that is without even mentioning the emotions I was feeling at that moment, anger, happiness, sadness, fear, all these emotions appearing all at once in the mind of a 6 year old.

I gotta say now that I'm much older I'm happy I have gone through all of that because living in Canada I learn so many new things and the amazing people I got a chance to meet and all the memories my family and I created together while in Canada that I will never forget, these are the little things I make sure to remember to keep myself happy and to also remember that life is all about the new experiences and to be happy for what you have.

Now this is only the first experience I had from moving from one country to another because let me tell you there are more for me to write and if you would like to read you will just have to wait till next week to read about my experience moving to Venezuela at the age of 9.

Hope you guys enjoyed till next time Goodbyes My Lovelies ;)