Halloween is the best time of year, it's an excuse to eat too many treats and play tricks without consequence and sometimes we need to get in the Halloween mood by watching classic movies and reliving our childhoods,
Let's get Spooky

Halloweentown, Halloweentown 2 and Halloweentown High

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The Halloweentown movies are a must to get the Halloween Season started every year

Hocus Pocus

Halloween and hocus pocus image
An iconic classic in which we now relate more to Winifred Sanderson rather than the teen heroes


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whatever you do don't say it three times

Corpse Bride

corpse bride and tim burton image
Honestly any Tim Burton movie will without fail get you in the spooky mood

The Nightmare before Christmas

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I watch this around both Halloween and christmas

Edward Scissorhands

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Another example of Tim Burton's ability to create amazing eerie movies

And Finally
Practical Magic

Practical Magic and Nicole Kidman image
Just a heartwarming tale of witches and sisterhood

So that's my list of movies to get me spooky