October has started, and you can feel the chill of autumn winds starting to blow. Coffee shops are releasing their pumpkin infused beverages, and trees cover the sidewalks in a blanket of warm toned leaves. While nature is getting ready for this comforting season, so is the fashion industry.

This year, long coats are everything. They are not too thick, so it is perfect for easy layering. They add warmth along with style for a perfect piece of your 2017 fall wardrobe.

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Sweaters are always a must for fall. Finding one in a warm color is even better, that way you can match the beautiful autumn landscape.

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Mom jeans are making a big comeback in autumn 2017. These loose, high waisted pants give everyone a sense of peaceful nostalgia.

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Detailed tights

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Fake glasses

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Every season comes with its special type of shoes. For summer, it's sandals. For fall, it's boots. This can range from over the knee boots to short little ankle boots with a block heel.

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With these fall staples, you will be able to rock the autumn season of 2017. I hoped you liked this article :) Have a spooktacular October week.

FF ;)