think of the phrase, "falling in love". take it literally. you fall for that person, and remain loyal to them. you stay beside them on the ground, give them your undivided attention. almost like a picnic.

the heartbreak comes when the other person decides to get up. (what hurts sometimes is that there are times when the person was never fully committed-they were only crouched they were never planning to stay..while you sat flat down. most of us are aware of this, yet we still choose to stay..)

the moving on part comes with the sitting there by yourself when they're gone. you can choose to stay sitting there, waiting. but for what? you can call it patience, but really, you're torturing yourself. lowering yourself. you deserve better. people should be waiting for you, not the other way around. and trust me, darling, i bet there is someone just waiting for you to notice them, all by their lonesome, and will give be sitting all the way down from the start.

(if this didn't make sense, i apologize. thanks for reading, though <3 and follow me, i will be writing articles now !)