As I write on yesterday’s tears
I am reminded of how you let me rot in hell.
I see flashes of a young girl
Fighting for a place in an old world.
She’s left alone with a string of pain inside her shaking body.

She has my face.
I have her broken heart.
Neither of us have your attention.

The people at home
Won’t know what to say
I won’t fix anything by writing a poem
And they’ll just tell themselves I’m okay

But my eyes are proof of yesterday’s terror
And today’s flight shows I have nowhere to go
I live in the rain
I sleep in the thunder.

I’ll forever die
Thinking about October 5th
I’ll always lose
Looking at the clock at 1 am

‘Cause it’s the anniversary
of the day you let me burn in hell
while each and everyone of us is guilty
of sleeping with the devil.

written by Astrid Van wal (@writingaboutyou)
WHI recognized writer