Lets be honest... every girl on this planet's (well literally most) favourite season is FALL

It is one of the cosiest time of the year where you just get home and jump in your pyjamas with a cup of coffee/tea.

Making your morning routine more Fall and autumn-ish like will get you into the season's mood :)

1. Waking up

Don't just hop off your bed as soon as your alarm goes off, take a few minutes in bed, be it, reading a few pages of a book or just going through your phone. Do what you like best to help keep you motivated in the morning.

2. Breakfast

MIAM! The best time in the mornings (well for me.. XD). I like to make coffee in the morning and its just simple as a dark roast with milk. Sometimes I like to get a little fancy and make myself a mocha which is by adding a teaspoon of espresso in the bottom of the mug and pouring freshly-hot-made hot chocolate from the stove over the espresso powder and... YUM!!! you can some cinnamon, nutmeg to ginger to be a little festive or go for PUMPKIN SPICE (like every year :D)
For food, i like toast with fried eggs or sometimes a bowl of greek yogurt topped with berries and mangooooooosss!! (^^)

3. Outfit Of the Day

If you're staying home, get on some comfy leggings and a cute oversized top to feel comfortable or just stay in your pyjamas...like I do.

If you're going out, go for a cute fall-coloured skirt like light brown or brownish-red skirts with a cream blouse or top and add on some cute jewellery like a necklace and some rings to accessorise. Then throw on a scarf to top it all up (if its really cold) and go for cute beige/brown half boots xx
ORRRRR... just jeans and a sweater would do if you go for a cute colourful scarf and some jewellery as well but maybe add a cute belt just to make a little bit more trendy and one of those fluffy coats with a hoody ;)

4. MAKEUPPP xxxx

I looovvvveeee gold/brown eyeshadow and mascara and matte plumy lipstick/lipgloss? It feels closer to the natural side in the eyes but more festive on the lips (lol wut?)

I like to go for eyeliner as well and nude lips but I don't really apply foundation or contour so I usually skip this part but you can go ahead with it xxx

5. How to spend your day

If I am staying in, I like to watch movies or a series or sometimes youtube videos about makeup and hairstyles. Usually I make more coffee at that time to feel more warm eventhough the radiators are on :)))))

If I am going out alone, I like to go through the shops in the mall and look at the new fall clothes and take an idea of what I will be buying the next time I come or if I am coming with my friends, we usually go sit near a cute café that we just discovered in the city and drink some lattes xx or tea

So that's it for my Fall morning routine idea! It may not sound realistic but it might give you a teeny tiny idea next time you don't know what to do in the morning or if you're bored XD

Thanks guys!

Lariseca xoxox