I met my first love a few years ago and not a long time ago we broke up for the third time.Since then troubling thoughts have been whirling around my head. I don't think that I can be attracted to anyone at the moment and it seems that until I find someone else I will still feel kind of attached, not really to him, but to his ideal self in our ideal relationship, which is something that has got me contemplating.

In the end, is it true what they say about break-ups?
That after getting back from the second break-up with someone more is going to follow.Could there possibly be a third or even fourth chance to get together with someone again?

And is it true what they say about lovers? Do we only meet two big loves in our lives? And do we eventually end up with our first love?

I certainly would not want that. I am anticipating that second love with whom I wish a second chance won't be necessary.