Hello there.

October is here and just like how the leaves change colour, so does the music.

September is all about the anticipation for autumn, october on the other hand is autumn.

What I like to listen to during this cosy month is acoustic music. It somehow makes me feel connected to the nature and the end of it's cycle.

October playlist.

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Til Kingdom come - Coldplay

steal my heart and hold my tounge.

Howling - RY X

keep the car running.

The Wild - Roscoe James Irwin

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Chocolate - The 1975

we're dressed in black from head to toe.

Hero - Family of the Year

everyone deserves a chance to walk with everyone else.

The Scientist - Coldplay

you don't know how lovely you are.

Wait - M83

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The Rain - Biffy Clyro

it cost me my kingdom, your glorious crown.

Video Games - Lana del Rey

I'm in his favorite sundress.

Comrade - Volcano Choir

you are just lawless, son.

Something Good - Alt-J

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Good Women - Paul Thomas Saunders

so let the choir sing hallelujah, as the flames rise higher.

Little light (acoustic version) - Lewis Watson

and all my worries, disintegrating.
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Don't forget to listen to music today.

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life is breathtakingly beautiful.