Hi guys! Just dropping in really quickly to say...we did it!!!! Today I hit the crazy milestone of TEN THOUSAND FOLLOWERS! I can't believe it. I'm in utter shock. Two months ago, I had 2,500 followers. A year ago I had 1,000 followers. And five years ago, at the start of my WHI journey, I had the very beginnings of 0 followers. I seriously can't believe it- I'm in shock! It happened after class, sitting in Starbucks with my friends, and I almost screamed in the middle of the quiet coffee shop. You guys seriously have no idea, for the past two or so weeks as it got closer and closer, I was constantly checking my phone and counting down how long I thought it would take. Around September I got a HUGE influx of followers and my phone was blowing up all the time, but as I hit 9,000 followers it started to slow down. I was hoping to make it to 10k by my birthday and WE DID!
I'm going to be cliche and say what is true; you all mean the world to me and I love and cherish you all. WHI is my home, my personal diary, my livelihood, my light and joy. It's a place where I can express myself and be myself and just relax and be creative. I can only hope my page and articles have done the same for you.
Thank you so much, whether it's 1 follower or 10,000, you are all so important. You are light. You are joy. And you make this girl in a tiny town in New York so happy everyday. Stay special. Stay happy. Stay you.
To the moon and back,