Late at night I lay and wonder, wonder of all the "what ifs" and "if onlys". Thinking of all the things that I could have said. Would they have changed anything? Or would I still lay here with the tears streaming down my face?

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What if I had kissed you sooner? Maybe our relationship would have been more passionate and the sparks between us wouldn't have disappeared. But they did disappear and it broke my heart into pieces.

What if I had held your hand and told you i loved you that night on our walk around the river? Maybe you would have told me that you loved me too and would have kissed me under the bridge. But I didn't because I was to scared and I never got that kiss under the bridge.

If only all of those things would have happened, maybe I would be happier now or maybe not, but oh how I wish those things would have happened. See your smile one more time, feel your lips brush against mine, be brave enough to tell you that I love you.

But now it is to late and you love her instead of me.