I could describe all of these guys with a lot more than just one lyric, but I will have to limit myself to one line, and a collection, because the pictures do say a lot more than my word ever could because they are a journey.

The first one
"Because you make me believe in myself, when nobody else can help" - Because you live, Jesse McCartney

The only one who was really mine
"You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter" - Mine, Taylor Swift

The most perfect one of them
"So you were never a saint, and I’ve loved in shades of wrong" -State of grace, Taylor Swift

The one I can't live with or without
"You're just a lost boy, yeah, I know who you are, you don't know what you lost, boy, you're too busy chasing stars" Peter Pan, Kelsea Ballerini

So here's to long nights and good lyrics.
xoxo G