well first fact my name is Susan, second one I live in Italy, Milan exactly. I've brunette hair and blue eyes. My height is 1.60m and I always look younger than I am (people think I'm fourthteen). I have two younger siblings, both males. My mom's German that's why I go to the swiss school of Milan where we learn everything in german. I'm seventeen years old. My favourite subject in school is english. I play the piano since I was seven and this year I'm probably going to start learning how to play the cello. I love classical music but also the pop/hip pop hits.
my favourite city I've ever been is Paris, I never get tired of it and everytime I go there I discover new things. my dream trip is to go to New York and start from there a trip all over the east coast of the USA. I study four languages: german, italian, english, french. I live in a village in the countryside of the city. I met my bestfriend in kindergarten the first time and she's my only friend excluding my classmates. I go to church every sunday. I'm not good at math and I'm absolutely not the best of the class. I love the colours light pink and dark blue. I'm lazy, I don't play any sport atm except some hobby like going to iceskating sometimes with my bestfriend or riding horse some saturday. I'm not taken and I did never have a boyfriend before. I like my dad's job and I'd love to do the same after I graduate even tho I know it's tough as hell. I usually don't like to read except for some books that might be really interesting to me. I never finished a book voluntarily.
well I gave you lits of facts about me you could know imagine me.

Thanks for reading guys, bye xx