Real talk: This article will save your high school career. If you are currently in high school some of these things may help but freshman in high school will be the most benefitted!

Be Polite

This is pretty much common sense but so many kids don't do this! If you want and are planning on being successful you HAVE to be nice to everyone, especially your teachers. Build a relationship with all the teachers, get to know them and let them get to know you!

Why? They will be the ones you come to for letter of recommendations come Senior year. If I were a teacher, I would say no to any student who was rude to me or who was rude in general in my classroom.


When applying for colleges and scholarships, they are looking for several things and one of these things are your service/community service hours. I am telling you this from experience. I am currently a high school senior and I logged my hours ever since 9th grade. MAKE SURE you put the date of the event, the amount of hours you helped out for, and what grade you are in. I cannot stress how important logging your hours is!


Don't wait until your senior year to find out about what colleges have to offer. I submitted 5 of my college applications (I have been admitted into 2 so far) during the summer entering my senior year. Think about what you may be interested and look up if the colleges offer it.


Apply NOW! there are so many scholarships available for students in high school. go to google and look up " scholarships", " easy no essay scholarships", etc. Don't sit and wait around for money, unless your parents are wealthy of course haha.


I think this is For US only. Make sure you fill this out by October 1st every year! even if you're in college already. They give out free money and it is free to fill out! ask your counselor for help if needed. Don't ever think "Oh, my parents make too much money" you should still fill out this form in order for universities to consider you for scholarships. Yes, your parents may make a lot of money, but that money is all going towards other things.


I guess they don't that much. But it does matter whether youre in the top ten percent or not. If you rank top 10 percent in your class, many universities offer automatic admission into their university! DONT SLACK OFF! My current rank is #17 of 500+, I am getting automatically admitted to the schools of my choice.


US people: Take the SAT and the ACT, if you don't do well in them, you can always take them again and again. The colleges will take the highest score. They also ask for one or the other. They won't ask for both SAT and ACT for the most part. It's best if you take these test your junior year. This way, you will be able to get your scores and keep testing up to your senior year and keep getting higher grades.

If you can't pay for the SAT (50+ dollars) talk to your counselor about getting the fee waived! it is not a problem.