How can a mortal human being, cause my heart to break?
People said, "if you love something or someone let them go, but if they come back it means they're yours to keep." But what if they don't come back? Does that mean they were never yours, to begin with in the first place?
What if the song, you claimed to be ours is nothing anymore? But what if it's something to me. What if the memories that laid inside my head are still there? What if the moment you text me, I don't text back mostly because I know it's you saying, "I'm getting married today." Of course, I'll say, "congratulations!" but I'd be broken.
What if I told you, "You complete me, the missing part of my puzzle is you." How would you react to those words? Would you hate me more, or would that make you love me less?

So tell me how a mortal human being, can cause my heart to break? Without even knowing that he's the one that's causing it. Sure my eyes become moist by the sound of your name, and my heart continues to break more. But my thoughts and memories bounce back to the time where you hand interlaced with mine.

I'll scream, "I love you." but sure you'll say that pitty, "I love you too." but deep downside I'm hoping for those words to become true.