This world is getting more and more messed up everyday. We need to learn to value the time we have on Earth and live it to our full potential. Love everyone including yourself. Life is way too short, especially now, and it's better to go happy and content with how you feel about yourself.
We need to learn how to support one another, and be there for each other. Hatred has spread around the world and messed with their heads. No one feels safe out anymore and I think its about time we learn to LOVE. Hate won't get us anywhere in life, in fact it will spread us apart and break the union,
Sorry if I rambled the same thing over and over, this is my first time writing. I hope this made a little sense and I'm not trying to come for anyone, or offend anyone. I guess what I'm trying to say it LOVE, LOVE, AND FUCKING LOVE EVERYONE AROUND YOU!!! STOP THE HATE!!! AND SPREAD SOME LOVE!!!