I don't really know how long I have been into skincare, I'm guessing a year. I've tried different products and tips. Recently I have figured out what works best for my skin so I want to share it with the world in case it helps some of you. I also want to point out mistakes that I did or things that didn't work out for me. ( I have oily, acne prone skin)

1. More products doesn't mean cleaner face

When I started taking care of my skin I was very rough with my face and used as many products as I could, exfoliator, face wash, toner, serum, moisturizer. This only caused irritation on my skin for using to many products and being to rough.

2. Be gentle with your skin

I kind of already stated this in the previous step but being gentle with your skin is really important. Being to harsh only causes irritation and your skin will eventually become worse.

3. Use moisturizer

Moisturizer is a must for all skin types. I have oily skin so I thought not putting on any moisturizer after washing it was a good idea. This caused dryness and flakiness and in the long run, caused my skin to produce more oil because your skin is dry.

4. Use face masks

I normally use face masks a few times a month or when I'm feeling that my skin is starting to become worse and I usually use clay masks. Clay masks help to remove the toxins from your pores and makes your skin smoother.

5. Drink water

I know you're probably sick of hearing this but it helps. Of course drinking a lot of water won't clean your face alone. I try to drink at least 1liter water a day and it helps clean your body and my face becomes more hydrated and healthier.

6. Health and exercising

What I found changed my skin the most was exercising. I haven't heard anyone mention that working out is good for your skin. When I work out and starts sweating the toxins and bacteria from my pores comes out with the sweat from my pores and cleans it. It is also important to eat right. I've been focusing a lot on what I'm eating. I'm not saying you have to eat super healthy but try to stay away from eating to much sugar and junk food.

7. My skincare routine and what products I use.

I only do this in the evening. In the morning I don't put anything on my skin but when I wear a full face of makeup I usually moisturize.

I start of with washing my face with water. Every other day I also use a face wash to take away the dead skin cells. (sometimes I also spray my face with lush - tea tree oil water.)

Then I use 100% organic, cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil. You can find this at any supermarket and it's cheap. coconut oil is literally my skins lifesaver and it has anti-bacterial benefits. I drench my face in it and then rinse my face with water. Because it's an oil it only takes away the excess oil layer from my face and doesn't remove it completely so I use it as my moisturizer. Coconut oil doesn't work for everybody, for some people it clogges their pores, resulting in them breaking out so I suggest trying it once and see how it reacts with your skin.

And that's all I do for my skincare routine, it's so simple and works so much for me. The thing with skincare routines is that products works different on everyone so take your time with it and don't stress to much about your skin because your still beautiful.

self love, water, and coconut oil image