Alohaa ! My name is Kelly and welcome to my article series where i do a round off of the most popular fashion trends throughout each month. Last month was ' Hello Fall , Goodbye Summer ' which meant that our wardrobes are getting refilled with warmer and more cosy clothes that are suitable for the autumn weather!

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Also , apologises for missing out on articles over the course of the last month. School started and life got crazy. Despite the fact that i have a maths exam next Tuesday, i will be posting articles on different days throughout every week. The days will be quite random as it'll be whatever suits me best but expect a new article this Sunday which is the day of my birthday!


Crop tops were the centre of attention in the summer. During the transition to fall cropped sweaters and jumpers are the perfect top to wear out in the warm but breezy weather. You can find cropped sweaters in any shop. You can also DIY cropped sweaters. If you have a sweater that you don't wear much then you can cut the bottom off to your desired length.

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Knit jumpers are already royalty of autumn and winter however v neck jumpers can be styled in to many ways and it looks super flattering on any body type. You can wear it normally with a v neck or you can wear it off the shoulder, on one shoulder and off the other or even add shoelace through the V neck and turn it into a lace up knit jumper ( i might have tried that myself ).

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Basically a denim jacket with faux wooly fur on the inside and collar. This to me literally screams fall. I love anything thats fur and denim so these denim jackets are perfect. The faux fur inside keeps you warm in the fall and winter and it gives you outfit an overall more cosy look. My faux denim jacket is from LEVIS but you can get them for way cheaper in topshop,asos and any clothing store.

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Checkered flannels are super autumnal. Most people wear flannels in fall but i have new ways of styling them to make your outfit look more interesting and unique. You can wear an oversized checkered flannel as a jacket over a tank top/ t-shirt and skirt. The flannel acts like an extra layer over your almost summery clothes to keep you warm. You can tie your flannel up into a knot and make it cropped. Theres a load of ways to style them!

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Cardigans may sound unstylish to some but if you layer it and style it correctly it'll look super cute. It keeps you warm and adds a sophisticated cosy look to your outfit. Some Knit cardigans have very intricate designs in and its once again perfect to wear over thin almost summer clothes.

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That is the roundoff of September trends! Of course these items of clothing doesn't only apply to the month , these can be worn all year around and will certainly carry on into the following cold months of November and December. However thank you for reading my article !

Kelly xx


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