lazy sunday's
by coco

Isn't it just the best feeling having no plans and having the ability to wake up whenever you want, being able to feel like you've had the best sleep ever and not caring about what the time is when you do eventually wake up, if your like me you will probably wake up at lunch time, and still plan your meal as your "breakfast" and then continue to lay like a vegetable all day whilst having snacks and binge watching movies and tv shows and sometimes even crack open a good book.
Of course i live on my phone all day and check my social medias and take stupid pointless quizzes and catch up on reading my zodiac signs and all the celeb gossip, and if your lucky, your main and exciting part of the day will be the yummy sunday lunch with delicious Yorkshire puddings and gravy, and then eventually towards the end of the night you'll feel like your living a slow painful death of the thought of it being monday tomorrow, the thought of having to get up early and back into your weekly routine after your weekend of freedom, actually I'm not sure what i'm blabbing on about sunday's can actually be quite depressing.