don't wanna say that noone is around
but somehow I don't feel it.
don't wanna say there is no single sound,
but somehow I can't hear it.
don't wanna say everything is wrong
but nothing is really right either.
deep inside, there is the tiredness I can't cure,
tired of two-faced people,
tired of lies,
tired of being stabbed in the back,
tired of being treated like a failure,
tired of being misunderstood,
tired of feeling so lonely.
don't wanna say I ache,
somehow I've felt empty for days
and somehow nothing changes
cause everything leaves,
but oh my god, I fear,
this loneliness won't ever leave.
Every conversation seems forced right now,
are my words even worth something?
I need to get away
cause I'm stuck with people I don't care about,
stuck with people that don't care about me.
don't wanna say I want to leave everything,
but there is nothing that makes me stay.
don't wanna say I want to give up on people,
but I've been taught that eventually
I should give up on them before
they give up on me.
I feel myself getting a little more distanced
and I feel people enjoying the distance
and I wonder:
do I even make any sense?