A playlist who give you, hopefully, Halloween vibes :)

  • Emperor's new clothes by Panic! at the disco
I'm all dressed up and naked
I see what's mine and take it
  • Outcast by NF
I'll just be the outcast
I'll just be the outcast
  • Warm by The Neighbourhood (Not on Spotify)
I try to love you, baby, in every way, every way
I try to satisfy you, honey, but you wouldn't stay, you wouldn't stay
  • Thriller by Michael Jackson
And no one’s gonna save you
From the beast about to strike
  • The Hills by The Weeknd
I only call you when it's half past five
The only time that I'll be by your side
  • Wires by The Neighbourhood
If he said help me kill the president
I'd say he needs medicine
  • goosebumps by Travis Scott
I get those goosebumps every time,
yeah, you come around, yeah
  • (Antichrist by The 1975)
Well the criminals and liars
Keep them in your cells as a privilege of mine
  • Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz
Finally, someone let me out of my cage
Now time for me is nothing 'cause I'm counting no age
  • (Tuning Out... by Bastille)

(It's more like a christmas song xD )

Fall on your knees,
Oh hear the angel voices.
  • The Driver by Bastille
Big boys don't cry
They don't ask why
  • Gloss of Blood by $uicideboy$
$uicidal thoughts stuck in my head
Depression permanent
  • Blood by My Chemical Romance
So give them blood, blood, blood
Grab a glass because there's going to be a flood
  • I Am The Apocalypse by $uicideboy$
Accept it
That I am my own apocalypse
  • It was written in blood by Bring Me The Horizon

(This is for those who can listen to heavy-metal)

It was written, in blood
On a suicide note