India: Taxis launched from woman to woman

Exclusively for women a taxi fleet formed only by female drivers.

"From woman to woman". Pink Auto Service is owned and operated by women. It was recently announced by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani in Surat.

Harassment is very common in the country, and was a solution found to overcome the problem.

According to the information, the new service of female taxi drivers is being well accepted, and has been seen as an innovative achievement for women in India.

India. Women taxi drivers.
The vehicles are a kind of 3-wheel motorcycle taxi and can take up to three passengers.

The deal was launched by Surat Municipal Corporation, guarantees that women of any age can have safe access to transportation and also opens employment opportunity for them.

The taxi service currently employs 15 women, they have had to undergo more than 70 trainings.

India. Women taxi drivers assembled.
SMC Assistant Commissioner Gayatri Jariwala told The Times of India: "We read every day about harassment of women traveling in different cities."

Jariwala added, "That's why we think of this service that not only offers jobs for women, but ensures safe travel for female passengers."

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