hi everyone, it's tania, welcome back one more day to my blog on we heart it.
so to day theme is the (drums resound,) My YouTube Favorites,
yes, yes, yes, calm, calm guys

today I have chosen the wonderful and beautiful boy Brent Rivera.

brent rivera Superthumb

I love the videos on YouTube, it makes you laugh and they are things that happen to us in our lives.
one of my favorite videos is
You have to see that will make you laugh, I promise.
if you are going through something sad, or have nothing to do, you will see that you will love it.
WORST Babysitters of the world is another of my favorite videos when they lose babies

come on boy

enjoy and if you like, click the heart button.
I hope it has been to your liking, share it with your friends to grow as a family, I send you a kiss, thank you for reading me

beauty coffee

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