That night we walked together
You told me you had something to tell me and I followed you curious.
We fell into pace and had a long conversation
That night we talked about everything and anything, laughing like nothing was coming to its end. No promises were given, no reminiscences.
That night we got lost, I couldn't see clearly as tears rolled down my face. I wasn't curious about your blurry face mixed with the lonely lights.
That night I wasn't curious about your noisy words or your sloppy excuses. I just didn't want to know, didn't want to accept that the dream was slowly becoming a nightmare.
I searched one more time for your heart but I found it locked up behind big strong bars.
We walked side to side that night for the last time. I still tend to think about us like then but I'm still not curious about what happened to your heart.

Inspired by 그 밤 (that night)- Lovewave