Trick or treat?
Halloween is coming and we are all desperate to come up with the best costume and makeup.
Here you can find some food, costumes and makeup ideas for this Halloween 2017.

1. Makeup

girl, goals, and Halloween image Halloween, makeup, and skeleton image girl, makeup, and october image Halloween, makeup, and vampire image
These are some dope Halloween makeup ideas: skull face, clown, vampire. You can also simply use some fake blood.

2. Costumes

ariana grande, Halloween, and ariana image maggie lindemann and Halloween image girl, red, and little red riding hood image autumn, cool, and costume image
You can be a dead cheerleader, a scary red riding hood, a vampire or a character from Stranger Things.

3. Treats

Halloween, pumpkin, and autumn image Halloween, banana, and food image candy, vampire, and sweet image Halloween, chocolate, and autumn image
There are many Halloween themed candies you can find in the shops, but you can also make some treats on your own. Here above there are some examples.

4. Carved pumpkins

pumpkin, autumn, and fall image Halloween, autumn, and fall image Halloween, pumpkin, and girl image Halloween, orange, and candy image
You can try to make some original ones. If you don't have a pumpkin, you can always use an orange, where you can put some candies.

5. Room decor

Halloween, room, and autumn image autumn, Halloween, and fall image autumn, candle, and pumpkin image autumn, fall, and Halloween image
Use a lot of orange, fall leaves (even fake ones) and pumpkins.

6. Nail arts

Halloween and nails image nails, vampire, and red image nails, nail art, and red image nails design and halloween nails image
They can go very well with your costume as well as your makeup. There are some scary and simple nail arts.

7. Photos

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image black, leaves, and vans image maggie lindemann, Halloween, and makeup image pumpkin, autumn, and fall image
You can take some pictures with pumpkins and fall leaves. In addition, take some photos of your makeup and halloween costume.

Hope you got some inspiration. If you need some more, check out these collections.

Sofia xx