I've been in WHI since 2 or maybe 3 years ago, but this is the first time I post something here. Well, my name is Michelle, I'm 15 and I'm from Venezuela. My maternal language is Spanish (sorry for any mistake I'm still working on my English).

I don't know what else to say about me (I'm really bad at introducing myself as you can see).

For my first post, I want to talk about relationships. We all think a relationship is being 24/7 with someone you really like, but it isn't that simple. A relationship takes a lot more than that.

I'm going to enumerate what, for me, a relationship takes.

1. Understanding each other.
This is one of the most important things a relationship should have; comprehension.
Let´s put the situation like this. You two are deeply in love, but there's a problem, you can't see each other anytime you want because of X situation. Obviously, both of you are going to start to feel tired of only talking on the phone, one is going to feel like he/she can't take the relationship anymore while the other just wants to keep trying as hard he/she cans. So you start fighting because none of you is understanding each other. The relationship starts going down and everything seems to be bad. What's the problem? There's no comprehension. What's the solution? Communicating.

If you want to understand each other, you need to communicate. Start by saying everything you've been saving to yourselves, say what you like or not of each other, relive everything and let things go fluently.

This is REALLY important. If you don't respect each other, how are you supposed to have a good relationship if there's no respect in between?

You have to show the other person that you love him/her. If you don't feel love anymore, the best thing you can do is break up, as hard as it sounds. Maybe at the beginning is going to be completely hard to keep going but is the right decision, you have to show that person that your love is 100% real. Never fake any feelings because that can end up hurting the other person. If you don't feel it anymore, say it. If you feel completely in love, show it.

hope you liked my first post!