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The Company of Wolves

A sweet young girl
her step so light
walked through the woods
one moonlit night

Through the woods
in crimson red
stray not from the path
her mother said

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For off the path
the darkness lies
with sharpened teeth
and glowing eyes

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Beware because you
never know
what face the beast
will choose to show

He may be handsome
seem free of greed
but watch him
when he comes to feed

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He feeds on innocence
love and laughter
but things will change
forever after

Things will change
once you leave that course
and get trapped
and tangled in the gorse

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Once you are trapped
you can't escape
the claws that caress
and the jaws that gape

He knows your thoughts
and secret dreams
He knows your hopes
and all your schemes

He knows your wishes
and desires
and stokes the flames
of your inner fires

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He will seduce you
and cajole
He will possess
your very soul

wolf, red riding hood, and red image

His hair like velvet
upon your breast
His heartbeat pounding
inside his chest

With sweetest torment
he will prevail
in pushing back
that blood red veil

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So carefully
you must make your choice
will you heed his call
or your Mother's voice?

Eventually all must
leave the path
and risk incurring
their parent's wrath

All must follow
his baying cry
whether the sun is out
or the moon is high

Just remember
if you should choose to roam
in the company of wolves
you are never alone

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fairy tale, girl, and red riding hood image

I hope you enjoyed my poem! Roxanne