hi loves

today i thought it would be cool to write about something i love. music. here are some songs i love.

understand; shawn mendes
this song means so much to me. every shawn mendes song btw, he's just perfect. but this song just makes me think about who i actually am and what i wanna do in my life, my goals and who are important to me.

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boulevard of broken dreams; green day
my dad loves green day and that kind of bands, so i grew up with this music. sometimes it makes me sad, but that's not really bad, and it just takes me back to those times, so i guess that's why i love it.

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wonderwall; oasis
again, my dad loves this. and during one love manchester they sang this song and i just think that it's a really beautiful song.

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if you could see me now; the script
you know that feeling that you just want to cry sometimes? listen to this song and it's guaranteed. it makes me cry every, single time. actually most of the songs written by them, which is great, because sometimes you just need it.

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roses; shawn mendes
so i went to his concert and he started singing this song. i was legit crying at his concert, i just stood there crying, listening to his voice. this is maybe my favorite song but i'm not sure because all of his songs are so beautiful. beside that it reminds me of a lot that i went through but i get really calm of the song.

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this was only one tiny part of my love for music and my favorites, because there's not even one of justin in it. of course i could've just said shawn's albums handwritten and illuminate. but then i could write a whole book so that was not a really good idea.
hope you guys loved it.