If Vincent's work has caught your eye you must be an art lover. Therefore I would like to take you on a journey, where paintings are brought to life and tell stories. This one is special. Everything begins with the letter, but not just simple one. It's Vincent Van Gogh letter to his dear brother Teo. This letter is found by Vincent friend after his death. Now son of that friend has to deliver it to addressee. Soon he starts solving the mystery of Van Gogh suicide and learns about his past.

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Loving Vincent is not just a movie, it's a work of art, that cinematography hasn't seen before. It's first ever fully oil-painted film. 125 painters, from all over the world, trained in Van Gogh style have created 65 000 painted frames to produce it. ,,To capture changing backgrounds, facial expressions, and movement, each canvas was re-painted an average of 76 times. Each second of the film is equivalent to 12 frames.'' The effect is just magical and lovely, classical soundtrack, composed by Clint Mansell gives it unique atmosphere. Not to mention that the film is full of Van Goghs captivating and heart melting thoughts, which just gave me watery eyes during the projection. Also the detective theme is interesting and has something similar with style of Agatha Christie books.

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However it's not only story about art and crime. It's story about melancholy, self worth and how blind society could be. It shows all the shades of grey. It's realistic, it about though problems people face. It's story about madness, creation and dreams. But it's a beautiful story, not only visually. It carries strong message that there is always hope. After all Vincent has fulfilled his dream. And most of all it's a true story about real person, a genius.

Unfortunately you can't watch it in every cinema, it's rather in small ones broadcasting independent films. Loving Vincent will be fighting for Oscar this year. So if you have an opportunity to watch it, just do it. It's defiantly worth it.

For more information check out: http://lovingvincent.com/ and http://lovingvincent.com/screenings-events,201,pl.html .

PS. Did I mentioned it was co-produced in Poland and my hometown Wroclaw, took a big part in making it? I'm literally so proud of living in my city and country right now ❤.

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