In fact, it doesn`t matter what the season is, it's important whether you`re interested in traveling and seeing the world or not. This time, we offer you to take a look at five different cities worth seeing and getting to know closer.

1. The historical city of Varanasi in India. This city in northern India is one of the most required destinations for travelers who are craving for new emotions or tryong to find inspiration for new ideas.

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2.The appealing town of Todos Santos in Mexico. Colorful houses, air-flowing colored flags, fishers and surfers, art galleries and handcraft stores.

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3.Prague, Czech Republic.
This historic, massive bridge is a favorite place for tourists visiting Prague. Charles Bridge is filled with street musicians, peformances and local craft markets. The views from the bridge are wonderful – Vltava River, Towers, Prague Castle.

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4.Wonderful travel destination in Andalucia, Spain – city of Cordoba. Here you can find narrow streets with quiet corners to sip a delicious local wine as well as vibrant city squares where you can plunge into the bustle and enjoy the architecture.

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5. Baku, Azerbaijan.
Have you ever visited Azerbaijan? Well, if not-you definitely should. The capita of Azerbaijan - Baku has many amazing landmarks and highlights to see and enjoy. No matter if you`re in Baku in the day or during night time-the city is stunning.

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