this is my first article and i'm not the most aesthetically pleasing note taker but i am a tenth-grade high schooler and I often get one of the highest marks in my class so here are some tips from me ^_^


colour is the most important thing when it comes to taking notes. if everything is in one colour it's harder for your brain to process. using colour helps to break up your notes into easily readable sections, it can be used to emphasise the more important information and it is proven that colour helps to memorise notes faster and better. just don't go too crazy. sometimes too much colour can make everything blur together.

my tip is to have a base colour that you write in (eg. black or blue pen, graphite pencil) then either write the important words in a different colour or go over it with a highlighter. i also recommend highlighting or writing you title and subheadings in a different colour.

Tidy Your Notes Up

if you're like me, when the teacher is writing notes on the board whilst explaining everything it is hard and too time-consuming to listen attentively and write neat, well-formed notes when under so much pressure to be doing so much at once with a split concentration.

my tip is to just write notes to the point that they are clear enough to follow and understand but they don't have to be a hundred percent neat, and they don't have to contain as much colour (probably just 2 colours; one for subheadings and titles and one base colour). Then, at home you can look at your notes and re-write them in a clearer, more well-formatted way. Using this method it is easier to write efficient notes whilst still taking in the added information the teacher has to add.

i don't always use this method because i'm lazy af and i have too much homework form other subjects to complete, but i find that when my notes are neat and look cute i am more motivated to study them.

Personalise Your Notes

this kind of relates to what i was talking about earlier with the fact that when my notes are cuter and appeal more to the eye, i find myself more compelled to study them. if you're artsy then you could do different fonts for your titles and subheadings.

my personal favourite is the one below because i'm not artistic at all. it's qiete easy to achieve and it look pretty good (to me anyways)

notes, school, and studyblr image
block letters in a marker or mildliner then small cursive in the center with a black pen.

Invest In Good Quality Stationary

of course you don't need expensive stationary to write good notes. that's not what i'm saying. you can easily write neat, tidy that are appealing to the eye with things from the dollar store, but sometimes it's nice to have a few nice pens or markers to make your notes stand out more. also, i font that new stationary helps me with motivation. and to be honest, if you're motivated you are more likely to put more effort and time into a project, or in this case: notes.

notes, pens, and school image
i recommend mildliners and a mechanical pencil if you use pencil in your notes.

Use Sticky Notes

this tip is useful, especially with language notes. if you ever need to translate a big passage in a booklet of printed work your teacher hands yo, you can easily write the translation on a sticky note and stick it on so it is easy to find and refer back to at a later time.

sticky notes can even be used to emphasise on important words or if you finished writing your perfected notes and you discover you have forgotten a bit of pertinent information, you can simply write it on a sticky note and stick it to your notes.

Rewrite Your Notes In Your Own Words

one of the biggest mistakes people make is to wrote their notes word form word from what the teacher gave them, even if they don't fully understand the meaning at times. if you don't know the meaning search it up and write a definition somewhere on the paper or google synonyms for the word and wrote that down instead. also rewriting notes in your own words proves that you undterstabd the topic enough to explain it in your own words.


summarising all the information in your notes at the end is quite helpful and can honestly be a lifesaver sometimes. even when i've read and understood all my notes, i find that it's still comforting to keep looking over them right before my exam or test. it is helpful to remember a set of words or dot points that can be used as promps for your brain to refer to elaborated information. sometimes in tests and exams, i don't remember concepts or important information as such, but i did remember my summary which assisted me to recover that information. if that makes sense. ugh idk anymore.

oke i'm done.
good luck with your note writing.
hope tihs article helped.