hi there!
I saw a lot of writing challenges on weheartit, so I decided to make one myself :)
hope you like it xx

  • Day 1: introduce yourself
  • Day 2: make a list of things you couldn't live without
  • Day 3: make a list of your favorite books
  • Day 4: four quotes you try and live by
  • Day 5: make a list of your favorite movies
  • Day 6: your zodiac sign and why you think it suits you
  • Day 7: make a list of your favorite songs
  • Day 8: describe what a relationship is to you
  • Day 9: your bucketlist
  • Day 10: what's your favorite season and why
  • Day 11: your biggest fear
  • Day 12: list 10 things that really make you happy
  • Day 13: a poem you love
  • Day 14: list of destinations you want to go to (or have been)
  • Day 15: your opinion about your body and how comfortable you're with it
  • Day 16: how you hope your future will be like
  • Day 17: write something about art, why and what you love about it (or not)
  • Day 18: write a book review
  • Day 19: list some date ideas you like
  • Day 20: your top 5 favorite TV shows
pen, Paper, and photography image

xoxo Daphne