HI People of we heart it <3
My name is Sophie and I write songs, poems and other things.
I thought it would be nice to introduce my self :)
Here are a few words about me...

Im 20 years old and been writing poems for as long as I can remember. My first poem was a German one. Because German is my Mother-tongue . It went something like this:

(Written when I was about 7 years old)

"Im Liebestraum ist alles gut, kein schmerz, viel Mut nur gutes Blut. Hier ein pfiff und da ein tuut. Jeder macht was er nur tut. Im Liebestraum ist alles gut"


"In a love dream everything is good. no pain, a lot of courage, only good blood. Here a whistle and there a toot. Everyone does what they love. in a love dream everything is good."

Then I went on writing about my stuffed animal racoon :D

"oh Bär oh Bär oh mein Waschbär. fliegen tust du nicht, aber hast ne große Pflicht. Du kuschelst dich an mich damit ich nicht alleine bin. oh Bär oh Bär oh mein Waschbär"


"racoon racoon oh my racoon, you can't fly but you have a big job. you cuddle with me so I am not alone. Racoon racoon oh my Racoon."

Thats pretty much how everything started...

Now I tend to write every poem or song in English. Because English is the language my heart speaks. I grew up living in Singapore, the place I met my American Best friend who pretty much taught me how to speak English.
And because I grew up there, I have a strong relationship with the English language (Even though I don't always use it correctly).

Then I started to learn playing the guitar via Internet. Granted I don't play as well as most people, but I enjoy it allot!

wich led to me writing my own songs..

I write about my thoughts. wich usually revolve about wanting to go see the world and not feeling comfortable living in the city because I miss being so close to the jungle.
To best explain what I write about, here are some facts about me:

- I really want to learn how to surf. Unfortunately theres no ocean near me so I compensate that with dry workouts and wind surfing.

- I love talking about Zero waste and am on a mission to live as close to zero wast as I can

- I'm the most happiest me when Im by the ocean

- I want to get a Bus and travel. But don't have my drivers license yet or the money

- I'm working on becoming an actress on stage professionally

- I'm constantly trying to find ways to live a free spirited life in the city.

I post my songs on we heart it via articles:

If you'd like to listen to them heres a link:


Thats not all about me but some facts that might be interesting to some people. :)