Smile Lizzie, stop shaking Lizzie, why are you crying Lizzie. Walking through the the halls of school, the same school you've been going to for three years with the same people to the same classes in the same classrooms, shouldn't be this difficult Lizzie.

You're broken Lizzie, unrepairable, unable, unfixable, unbelievable. Get yourself together Lizzie. Tie up your laces, wipe your cheeks, finish your homework and get to class on time Lizzie.

You're overthinking Lizzie, not everything is about you. She doesn't give a shit about how you're wearing your hair, and you know that he couldn't care less about the way you're carrying your folders, stop overthinking Lizzie.

You're not even you anymore Lizzie, you're a whisper of your former self, everything good about you Lizzie has vanished. Where'd your confidence go Lizzie? Your enthusiasm to learn, where'd your passion for entertaining go Lizzie. The corny jokes you used to make in every opportunity, where have they gone Lizzie?

Why couldn't you come Lizzie? Have another overdue assignment Lizzie? Why are you alway to busy to hang out with me Lizzie? Maybe another day Lizzie? They ask you these thing because they care Lizzie, you are their friend and you are not being friendly. When someone asks you to brunch you go, you do not make up a repulsive and unbelievable excuse as to why you can't Lizzie.

Why do you look like that Lizzie? you're legs aren't long enough, nor skinny enough. Look at your arms Lizzie, and your stomach. No wonder you take no pride in yourself Lizzie, you're disgusting Lizzie. Workout Lizzie, oh wait you can't, the gym scares you, running scares you, the feeling of exercise scares you. Go on a diet Lizzie, oh wait you can't, you're not allowed to, you parents can't be assed, you don't want to give up the junk Lizzie.

Give it up all together Lizzie, you worthless Lizzie, you're a disgrace Lizzie, you are nothing Lizzie.

But sometimes you are pretty Lizzie, when you smile. Sometimes you are smart Lizzie, when you stop trying too hard, sometimes you are nice Lizzie, when you stop worrying too much, sometimes you're you Lizzie. Start always being you Lizzie, that's what people want to see, that's what you want to see, that's what you need to see.

You are strong Lizzie, you are full of worth Lizzie, you are graceful Lizzie, you are everything Lizzie, you are Lizzie.