Go outside

When you have nothing to do you can always go ouside to try some activities or just walk. That way you can take some fresh air and think about your life, you just need a place to go, some music if you want and there you go. And if ou don't want to be alone you can always go with someone and create new memories. Don't forget to take some pictures it's always good to have a trace of your good day !

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Bake or go eat somewhere

There are a lot of good restaurants or coffee shop that are great and unique. And if you don't want to spend money you can just bake something new at home. Both of them can be done with friends or alone. And also that way your stomach will thank you.

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Try new styles

I'm sure in your closet there are some clothes that you never wear because you don't know how to match them or just you are not attach to them. Well you can always organise your closet and try new trends.

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Read, Journal

Yes I know that some you don't like to read or don't know what is the use of a journal. But I promise you that this is one of the best things to do when you are bored. That way you can express yourself and just do whatever you want. When you read you can just light up a candle, grab something to drink and enjoy a good story.

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Do sport

Yes I know many of us don't like to do sport because we are too lazy and we love to eat. That is also my case don't worry but sometime when I know that I have nothing to do and that I'm finally a little bit motivated I like to do some sport. You can never feel bad after that ( if we don't count the pain after )

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Decorate your room

Decorate your room is a way to express yourself with objects. It's always good to create your own universe. There a lot of pictures to inspirate you. It depends on your tastes.

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Watch something

You have nothing to do ? Then just grab your computer, some snacks and something to drink, a lot of pillows and a blanket and you're done! You just have to lay down and watch a good film or serie.

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Hope you enjoyed it !