Ever just find a song that makes you wanna make out?

1. "Nothing's gonna hurt you baby" - Cigarettes After Sex

'Nothing's gonna hurt you baby, Nothing's gonna take you from my side'

2. "Fallingforyou" - The 1975

'Don't you see me? I think i'm falling, falling for you. Don't you need me? I think I'm falling, falling for you."

3. "By my side" - spookyghostboy

'She's the only one i'll ever love as much as i do now'

4. "Electric love" - BORNS

'You make my heart beat like the rain.'

5. "Still" - The Japanese House

'It eats me so hard to feel so great.'

6. "You and I" (stripped version) - Pvris

'I know it's warmer where you are and it's safer by your side.'

7. "Baby I'm Yours" - The Arctic Monkeys

'Baby i'm yours and i'll be yours 'til the stars fall from the sky.'

8. "Someone to stay" - Vancouver Sleep Clinic

'We all need someone to hold.'

9. "Don't forget about me" - CLOVES

'Without you there's holes in my soul.'

10. "The night we met" - Lord Huron

'Take me back to the night we met.'