12th October 2017

So, seeming as though Halloween is only a few weeks away, i thought that I would come up with 5 Movie/Tv Show Halloween costumes that you can be for Halloween 2K17!

1. Riverdale River Vixens
I’m soooo obsessed with Riverdale right now....who isn’t? With the new season of Riverdale coming out TODAY, I thought that it was only appropriate to put a Halloween costume from Riverdale.
To make this River Vixens costume, you’ll need:
~ A yellow and white baseball tee (Urban Outfitters, Target, Nike, Vans)
~ Black sports shorts with white rings around the bottom (Nike, Adidas, New balance)
~ White below the knee socks with 3 yellow rings (Ebay, Amazon, Sock Stores, Target)
~ White Canvas shoes (Target, Kmart, Big W, EBay, Converse, Amazon)
~ Blue or Yellow Poms (Pom stores, EBay, Amazon or you can DIY using crepe paper)
That’s the completed River Vixens look!

riverdale image

2. Sandy from Grease
Everyone loves watching Grease, so why not turn it into your Halloween Costume?
You will need:
~ Black Leggings (Target, Kmart, Big W, EBay Amazon)
~ Black off the shoulder top (Romwe, ASOS, Bardot, Forever New, Supre)
~ Red Heels (Target, Miss Guided, LuLus, Betts, Spendless Shoes)
~ Black Leather Jacket (ASOS, EBay, Amazon)
~ A Blonde Curly Wig (or you can curl your own hair)
~ Red Lipstick :)
And now you’re Sandy!

grease, Sandy, and vintage image

2. Boo from Monsters Inc
Boo from Monsters Inc would be a great Halloween costume! You’ll need:
~ Pink TShirt Dress (TopShop, MissGuided, EBay or just use an oversized pink tee)
~ Purple Leggings (Target, EBay, Amazon)
~ White Canvas Shoes (Target, Kmart, Big W, EBay, Converse, Amazon)
~ Put you hair in Two Ponytails with pink hair ties
That’s all you need for Boo!

boo, monsters inc, and pink image

4. Georgie Denbrough (IT)
With IT just being released in the cinemas, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to dress up as Georgie! You could also get your friend to dress up as Pennywise the Clown! You’ll need:
~ Yellow Raincoat (Rebel, Bunnings, Target, EBay, Amazon, ASOS)
~ Dark Blue Denim Jeans (Target, H&M, EBay, Amazon, Forever 21)
~ Black Gumboots (Target, Spendless Shoes, EBay, Amazon, ASOS, Rays)
~ A red helium balloon (optional)
~ Finally, you’ll need to make a paper boat!
With this costume, you’ll float too!

it, pennywise, and george denbrough image

5. Dorothy Anderson
The Wizard of Oz is such a great, classic movie. Why not dress up as Dorothy and go trick or treating with your friends dressed up as The Scarecrow, Tinman and the Lion!
You’ll need:
~ Blue and White Checkered Dress (AliExpress, Etsy, EBay, Amazon)
~ White Tee (Target, EBay, Amazon, Big W, Kmart)
~ Red Glitter Heels/Flats (Target, EBay, Amazon, Polyvore, AliExpress)
~ White Socks (Target, Walmart, Polyvore, Amazon, EBay)
~ Brown Basket to put all your Halloween treats in (Target, Walmart, EBay, Amazon)
~ Hair in two braids tied up with blue ribbons
You’ll be off to see the wizard now!

Wizard of oz and dorothy image

I hope these costumes have given you some ideas for Halloween this year!

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love y’all