YAY! October is my favorite and worst month of the year for me. I love Halloween and fall so much! Now, sometimes we need a little push to find our Halloween Costume! So here are some amazing ideas for you!

The Angel & The Devil

Do you have that one friend or sibling you love dressing up with? Well then the Angel & the Devil costume is fairly simple and fabulous to pull off. All you need to pull off the look is...

The Angel

  • White Dress or Shirt
  • White Angel Wings
  • Halo
  • Pale or Bright Makeup
angel, boys, and costume image
Not All Angels Are Innocent

The Devil

  • Short Red Dress or Shirt
  • Red Devil Horns
  • Red or Dark Makeup
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Living Like A Rebel

The Zombie

Do you have an obsession with the undead? Well this zombie costume is a for sure, for you!

The Zombie

  • Ripped Dress or Shirt
  • Skin Makeup
  • Frazzled Hair
  • Lifeless or Dark Makeup
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This Zombie Looks Particularly Hot

The Skeleton

This one is a little more difficult to perfect, but it's a sure winner!

The Skeleton Basics

  • White & Black Dress or Shirt
  • Makeup (Specified)
  • White or Black Hair Strands
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You Bring Chills To My Bones

The Skeleton Makeup

The makeup for the glorified skeleton is difficult, but not impossible for a newcomer. Makeup is simple if you get to know your brands and your items. First off, there are many makeup tutorials online which you can find. For the skeleton makeup, you require a...

  • Bronzer
  • Foundation
  • Lipstick
  • Eye-shadow
  • Mascara
  • Eye-liner
  • Dark Shade Palette
  • White Skin Paint
  • Concealer
  • Add-ons
Halloween, makeup, and skeleton image
This Makeup Is Simple If You learn About It First

These are the basic materials needed to do the simple skeleton makeup... For more in depth tutorials and directions you can find videos or websites online.

The Princess

Your favorite Disney princess, the original Grim Brothers princess, or maybe even your own princess! This one is up to you and you can do it anyway you like!

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If Only I Had Hair As Long As Rapunzel

The Scarecrow

The scarecrow costume is a simple costume that shows that fall is here! The scarecrow costume gives off those amazing fall vibes.

The Scarecrow

  • A Flannel Shirt
  • Jeans or Leggings
  • Straw hat or Country Hat
  • Fall Palette
  • Black Face Paint or Black Lipstick
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I Don't Know If This Is Going To Scare Any Crows Away, But It's Definitely An Amazing Costume!

The Pumpkin

Like the scarecrow costume, the pumpkin costume gives off strong fall vibes. With the pumpkin costume you can either be really spooky or really cute. Whatever you feel like!

  • Orange Dress or Shirt
  • Green or Gold Bracelets
  • Fall Palette
  • Black Face Paint
  • Black Lipstick
  • Red Paint (Creepy: For Blood)
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Trick or Treat Kiddos!


Most of us have probably read, watched, or heard about IT. Well some of us enjoy it so much, we become some of the characters from IT!

IT / Pennywise

Don't take this costume to the extreme because there have been many in real life clown incidents.

  • The Signature Red Balloon
  • Red Face Paint
  • White Face Paint
  • White Dress or Shirt or Red Dress or Shirt.
Halloween, makeup, and clown image boy, Halloween, and it image
Bill Skarsgård Is Smoking. Just Saying.


Do you have a cute little pet that you would like to dress up for Halloween? Well Bill Denbrough's little brother, Georgie, would be perfect!

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This Is So Adorable!

Scream Queens

The American TV Series, Scream Queens, is a wonderful show to base your Halloween costume off. If you want to look preppy or stylish this is the look for you.

Sorority Girls

  • Pink, Pink, Pink!
  • A Crop Top (Either Pink or White)
  • A Mini Skirt (Either Pink or White)
  • A FAKE knife or blade
  • Faux Fur
scream queens, costume, and girls image
Cute, But Psycho

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