I go to an all girls catholic school and recently a girl, lets call her "Samantha", has shaved her head due to a incident at work that left Samantha with a bald patch on her head.
For some reason that I am unsure of, all students at my school are not allowed to have certain hair colours and styles, the rule being: "hair must be tied back and must not be coloured unnatural or multicoloured tones. Hair should be well groomed, neat and tidy. Untidy and bizarre hair styles including undercuts are not permitted. Hair needs to be in such a condition it does not invite comment."

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Samantha has been forced to wear a hat at all times on school premises and travelling to and from school, before the incident Samantha had a sport captain role and participated in representative school sports. She is no longer allowed to represent the school in sport and her captain roll may be stripped from her. the teachers claiming her reasoning for cutting her hair were not good enough.

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Many girls in Samantha's year (12) were/are appalled by this, and today they "protested" by wearing their own hats, and during lunch started chanting "hat for hat" the teachers were quick to shut it down and I later found out that close to all the girls in that year received an in school suspension.
These dress codes need to be shut down!
This rule should not be in place at all, my school does not allow us girls to be who we are or make us feel ashamed of who we are and it is not on!!! #empowerment #girlpower #love #hatforhat

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