Are you in life or death situation? Are you nervous of confessing to your crush? Don´t worry hearters :) I´m here to explain you how to be brave and take the right decision.

The people think that if you are not prepared for take a difficult desicion or do something, you are coward. That´s a stupid thought, the real problem is we´re afraid from beig judged or ridiculed, all of the humans have that fear, but we have to solve it right now. I call it "lack of self confidence".

Why lack of self confidence? because most of us thing that we can´t do what we want to do and if we do that, we will fail.
But what if we don´t take that risk? Will we regret that decision later? There isn´t a specifically answer because the risk of taking a bad decision is beating.

First, analyze the situation: If I say yes, Will I hurt someone I love or even me? If I do this, Will it be convenient for me? Then, answer these questions and make a list of pros and cons in your head. If your answers are good for you, don´t be afraid, you aren´t going to make a mistake be brave and do that!!!
But if your answers are bad for you, I advice you that you should reconsider the situation and take your own decision, don´t be afraid of saying NO, I promise you that you won´t regret it and that simple word can save you from a future headache.

Finally, hearters, BE BRAVE. Don´t worry about the people will say, or a future ridiculed, you hace to show other people your wisdom, because at least you are gong to have the last laugh, and obviously, if you are brave and take the best decisions, you will be happy.

Bye and best wishes,

CatMeow ;)