My eyes won't move away, it's like I'm in a trance. Everywhere I go in my head I see him I turn around and look everywhere to find him because to see him for just a second gets me feeling euphoric enough to carry on with my day but then I feel like a piece of me is ripped out of me and has lost itself when I haven't seen him for a few minute. My traitorous heart can't make up its mind even when I try to forget his beautiful smile, mysterious eyes and his… Wait I'm trying to forget him, why won't my heart let him go? What did I do wrong to end up in an unrequited love where I know my heart will always remind me of him till the day I die.

I walked around the corner to see him with a gorgeous girl who could top any victoria secret model and my heart shattered into a million pieces, leaving me regretting the day I laid my eyes on him. I untucked my hair from behind my hair and let it cascade past my face, hiding my emotions in the process creating a shield between my broken heart and him. My shoulders were tensed and my eyes started to water but I got it under control to show them I'm not upset. I walk past them and I heard an angelic voice call after me. I prayed to god to give me the strength to face the person and I turned around it was her, the girl with him and my heart broke all over again ready for my waterworks to spill out, I smile politely waiting for her to answer. She seemed nice and she was new who needed help some part of me was ecstatics but the other part of me was filled with grief knowing he had noticed her and maybe taken a liking for her. And with that, I helped her out felling some staring at me but all I can think of was his intense stare through me when I was talking to Victoria.

All morning I felt a sheet of agony lay over me, covering me completely as I realised there was no chance for her and me. She doesn't like me but she is my world. What do you do when all I can think of is her but she probably has never seen me and only remembers when we went school together years ago. I remember when we were younger she was tough and stood up for her friends, she was beautifully courageous but we grew up and she slowly changed. While she was changing, I did nothing but watch her go from a splash of colours to black and white. Still, her smile lit up the room like a thousand suns, filled my heart with light, the only light in my dark soul.

I met a girl when I was walking through the corridors to get to class, called Victoria when I saw her turn the corner. She was a beauty in blue, wearing a teal cropped sweater and denim skinny jeans with her vans, her eyes were neutral until they met mine and I saw her break but she composed herself turning her face and walking stiffly until Victoria called her as I told her her name. She stopped turning around with a shield as a face and they started talking after awhile there was a small smile on her face but I knew something was wrong with her I was watching her, and she tilled her head up a little and met my eyes where I caught a glimpse of sadness and relief? Relief, why relief?

All day I found her, even in a sea of people. She would help out Victoria occasionally but mostly she stuck with her normal friends. She would turn around looking for something then shake her head lightly and carry on with whatever she is doing, and still my eyes followed her anywhere she was.