you and your cheesy pick-up lines.

we live close to each other but we still pretend we don't know each other in public. you wait with me at my stop bus without saying a word, and i am too. we spend our days at school without talking, smiling, interacting together.

but, when i enter the bus, you stare at me like i have some kind of magic powers. you wait and continue to look at me until i look at you too. you told your friend about me and i know now, that the two of you think i'm very hot.

during the weekends, we go out, we hang out. mcdonald's or malls. i cook food for you and you tell me compliments all days. you're afraid of looking at me in the eyes and i still don't know why. i guess i'll never know.

since the beginning, each week, you text me with compliments and jokes. we kissed. we kiss and we don't stop. we didn't only kiss. hickeys after hickeys, cuddles after cuddles, touching after touching. you tell me i'm pretty and i thank you by giving you my body and by giving you kisses. but i really don't like you that much, even as a friend. it's like i'm just here for your sexual fantasies, for your desires.

you told me you're not in love, but that one time i said to you "if you want to kiss me, it's right now because i have to go to my house" you kissed me like you were in love. your hands on my cheeks, your smile. maybe it's just me.

you want to make love with me, but i do not want to be in your world anymore.

23 : 52
- to one of my friendships