Hello! I've wanted to write this article for a few weeks now but never had any time to do it. It's a little different than my last articles but it will still be one of my favorites because of how powerful the message is to me.

I have a playlist in my music on my phone titled "Amazing Sounds." The description I wrote for the playlist says "I only really like 5-30 seconds of each song." This playlist has 34 songs on it currently, but I am only going to share the ones that are the most effective to me and are the most important (because 34 songs and descriptions is a lot!). I made it because every once and awhile I would be listening to a song and there would be a part that just made me want to close my eyes and feel the music because the arrangement of voices, music or instruments sounded so perfectly harmonized and made me feel at peace. No matter the song, I have had a stressful and overwhelming past few weeks so this playlist has helped me a lot and maybe can help some other people too.

I'd like to point out that this collection of songs come from all different artists, genres and decades so don't be surprised with how much the mood changes; I listen to a wide variety of music :) I have never shared this with anyone either so please don't judge my music taste <3
I would also like to point out that I live in the United States so all of this music comes mostly from American based artists.

1. Adventure of a Lifetime- Coldplay - At the very end, where Chris Martin is singing the "woo hoo's"

2. Again- Fetty Wap -the chorus

3. All Right Now- Free - the whole song, but mostly the beginning and instrumentals

4. Back in Black- AC/DC - literally just the first 5-10 seconds is the best part

5. Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen - all of it honestly it's such a beautiful and incredible masterpiece but I do love the guitar solo starting at 2:35 and on to the faster, upbeat opera middle part (especially the high B flat) and the rock and guitar at the end

6. C'Mon- Ke$ha - the choruses 4 chord harmony in the very beginning to where Ke$ha comes in with her vocals before the rhythm of the singers in the background beings gives me chills everytime

7. Confident- Demi Lovato - the last 20 seconds at most but really the very last 8 seconds of her belting "confident" makes me feel like a badass as well ;)

8. Dog Days Are Over- Florence and the Machine - the chorus. Long story short, it makes me happy thinking about living the rest of my life and makes me believe in real love

9. Exchange- Bryson Tiller - the background vocals of the whole song and how he incorporates them are beautiful

10. Hands to Myself- Selena Gomez - the background chords that go back and forth from the E flat major cadence to the G minor 3rd inversion, especially when it starts up in the beginning. Also, the bridge

11. Heart Made Up On You- R5 - first 6 lines (first 32 seconds)

12. Hymn for the Weekend- Coldplay - all of it, mostly the chords in the background... I love them so much I taught myself how to play it on the piano :) also the very beginning of Beyonce's singing that leads into those chords

13. Lips are Movin- Meghan Trainor - the very last part (2:43- end)

14.Love Me Again- John Newman - all of it, I love this song personally. I taught myself how to play all of it on the piano, original composition I figured out every single line and it will always be one of my happiest accomplishments :) the piano solo after the bridge is what made me want to learn how to play it and will always be my favorite part, as well as the bridge

15. Mirrors- Justin Timberlake - this will always be one of my favorite songs because of how beautiful the beginning. I also taught myself to play the beginning on the piano (I love to play the piano) :)))

16. My House- Flo Rida - I'll never know the correct way to explain this, but the sounds that play in the chorus right after he says "we don't have to go out" and right before "welcome to my house." It plays twice throughout the song and three times at the very end. I think its magnificent.

17. A Night To Remember The Cast of High School Musical - HSM will always be some of my favorite movies, but in the third movie, this song plays while they are getting ready for prom. I waited until my prom day so I could play it while I was getting ready and it made everything 10x better :) the very end and the part where they talk about "the most beautiful girl right in front of my eyes"

18. This Girl- Kungs & Cookin' On 3 Burners - the trumpet/ chorus part with no vocals... it makes me want to go on vacation (1:03-1:27)

19. Toxic (Glee Cast Version)- Glee Cast - this is one of the few songs I think Glee sings better than the original. the end with Naya Rivera and Matthew Morrison's pre chorus singing gives me chills every time.

20. Walk This Way- Aerosmith - the end with the guitar solos and chords that are not there in the chorus of the rest of the song. As well as the very beginning of guitar.

21. We Will Rock You- Queen - the last 31 seconds of beautiful, magical guitar solo. When I die, someone bring Brian May back to life so he can play it at my funeral.

This is much longer than I intended but I wanted an little explanation with each of my choices. Please listen to these songs or the genres you think you would enjoy because they are oh so magical and help me when I need it the most! Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoy this type of article :)