so much corny but here we go!
one hundred ways to say "I love you" without saying "I love you"

1. Pull over, let me drive for a while
2. It reminded of you
3. No, no, it's my treat
4. Come here. Let me fix it
5. I'll walk you home
6. Have a good day at work
7. I dreamt about you last night
8. Take my seat
9. I saved a piece for you
10. I'm sorry for your loss
11. You can have half
12. Take my jacket, It's cold outside
13. Sorry I'm late
14. Can I have this dance?
15. I made your favorite
16. It's okay. I couldn't sleep anyway
17. Watch your step
18. Here, drink this. You'll feel better
19. Can I hold your hand?
20. You can borrow mine
21. You might like this
22. It's not heavy. I'm stronger than I look
23. I'll wait
24. Just because
25. Look both ways
26. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to
27. Try some
28. Drive safely
29. Well, what do you want to do?
30. I'll pick it up after work
31. It can wait until tomorrow
32. Cross my heart and hope to die
33. It's two sugars, right?
34. I'll help you study
35. Stay over
36. I did the dishes
37. You didn't have to ask
38. I bought you a ticket
39. You're warm
40. No reason
41. I'll meet you halfway
42. Take mine
43. We can share
44. I was just thinking about you
45. I want you to have this
46. Call me if you need anything
47. Do you want to come too?
48. I'll still be here when you're ready
49. Is your seatbelt on?
50. Sweet dreams
51. I was in the neighbourhood
52. Stay there. I'm coming to get you
53. The key is under the mat
54. It doesn't bother me
55. You're important too
56. I saved you a seat
57. I`ll see you later
58. I noticed
59. You can tell me anything
60. I hope you like it
61. One more chapter
62. Don't worry about me
63. It looks good on you
64. Close your eyes and hold out your hands
65. That's okay, I bought two
66. After you
67. We'll figure it out
68. Can I kiss you?
69. I like you laugh
70. Don't cry
71. I made this for you
72. Go back to sleep
73. Is this okay?
74. I picked these for you
75. I'll drive you to the hospital
76. What do you want to watch
77. You can go first
78. Did you get my letter?
79. I'll do it for you
80. Call me when you get home
81. I think you're beautiful
82. Are you sure?
83. Have fun
84. Sit down, I'll get it
85. I made reservations
86. I don't mind
87. It brings out your eyes
88. There is enough room for both of us
89. You don't have to say anything
90. Wow
91. Happy birthday
92. I want you to be happy
93. I believe in you
94. You can do it
95. Good luck
96. I brought you an umbrella
97. I'll pick you up at the airport
98. Take a deep breath
99. Be careful
100. I love you.