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Hello fellows! I'm back with another article. I really hope that you guys enjoy reading it. This is on of my favourite topics to talk about. Let's begin!

The August Journaling
I really love to get as early as possible the autumn vibes. That's why I keep a journal exclusively for autumn. Call me crazy but writing little poems, or doodling around is really relaxing. Besides you will get in mood quicker and the excitement for halloween is in my opinion the best part of it. Moreover it's nice to get artistic and creatice in some way.

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Room Decoration
Light up some candles, turn off the lights, go get some cozy blankies and nice warm socks. Start with your bed. Make it as comfortable as possible. Put a shitload of pillows on it, maybe a chain of lights or some Banners. You can feel free to create whatever you want. you can go crazy with the colours and options.

I hope you sent me a lot of pictures! Can't wait to see your decoration

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Movie Nights
To really get the vibes of autumn I highly enjoy watching autumn themed Movies and Series. Maybe the following movies and TV shows will catch your attention.

  • Halloweentown
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Monster Hous
  • Corpse Bride
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  • American Horror Story
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Supernatrual
  • Stranger Things
  • Riverdale
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Costume Parties
Just have fun and drink some cinnamon shots (provided you are 21 or older). Get freaky with the costumes. Watch a lot of YouTube tutorials with your bestie.

For Instance these:

Baking and apple picking
To be perfectly honest with you guys, I love picking apples. I love putting a fuckload of cinnamon on it, and jesus I love apple pie! So do yourself the biggest favour and cook a pumpkin soup, or bake something delicate. Cookies, pies, bread, whatever you desire. It's up to you!

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So guys, I really hope you enjoyed reading this article. If so I would be very happy to get some kind of response from you. You can leave me a postcard whenever you feel like. And don't forget to check my other articles!
xoxo Sam


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