I'm here for the subtle sense of being misplaced that will quickly dissipate as soon as 20% alcohol has merged with my blood flow.
I'm hoping you'll take one look at me and give up.
I'm praying that for once I'm right and you'll despise my face as soon as you see my half lidded eyes and wide inebriated smile that'll disappear in equal proportion to the amount of drinks in my system.
I'm dreaming of you staring at me with those blue orbs that I can't make out in the darkness of this especially loud piece of hell, looking disappointed and nauseous at the sight of your untrue lover burning out like a shooting star.
I'm on my knees for the sight of you realizing I'm no more than the collection of broken bottles, dirt and lost trinkets that scatter the floor you stand upon.
You hate me, don't you?
You don't.
Again I'm off.
I'm wrong and you're gripping onto my hand with a worrisome grin.
Your face is shining in the flickering lights in all the colors of the rainbow and your lips call to me.
How can I say no to that?
It's not in my nature to deny myself the good things and your taste is the greatest.
I'm a selfish little parasite but you say my name and it sounds like sleigh bells on Christmas night.
I'm the Frankenstein of my parents' worst traits and still you lap at my saliva like it's the purest of honeys and you touch my skin like I'm a work of art.
I'm begging that you'll realize I'm a black hole before you lose yourself but you just want to hold my tripping form against your sculpted body and breath your warm, sweet sighs against my messed up face.
You're a ray of sunshine and an ocean breeze and I'm a murder in the shady backstreet of a vice city and still you grace me with your lust and lift me with your love.
Go back to your beach and let me waste away in this time bomb palace.
I'm begging you, save yourself surfer boy because this girl's a shark and you smell like blood.