Hey Its me, Summer. So today I'm going to be giving a summary of my senior year. Well here we go. First day of senior year. Just a typical day, finding classes, finding friends, etc. I was super nervous, but super cute. But lets get into the juicy stuff.

Around the end of my junior year, this guy caught my eye. I saw him on the bus one afternoon, and I can say it was love, ( or maybe lust) at first sight. Ever since then we've been running into each other ( on purpose), giving that sexy eye contact and smirks. It was too much , but it turned me on even more. ( Oh and he had a girlfriend)

Now that you have his backstory, ( we'll call him bleep). So now that you have bleeps backstory, lets hop back into senior year. Me and bleep had the same lunch period, but we sat on opposite sides of the lunch room. We would give each other that look and "bump" into each other .But my friends noticed and would say, " don't mess with him he has a girlfriend". I would say " ok I wont"... yeah that was until he was moved into my art class.

The day he came into my art class, I was nervous asf. Something about bleep just gave me that feeling. That feeling I never had before. So around the beginning of September, I finally told him I wanted his number. Well I wrote a note and gave it to him. That same night we talked on the phone all night about how we felt when we first saw each other junior year, and how much we wanted to be together. ( Remember he had a girlfriend). I can admit, I didn't care. If he didn't care why would I
right. So I guess you can say we started a relationship and it was wonderful. I couldn't wait until Monday. But guess what... ( My thot self got strep throat). Idk Maybe it was a sign. Anyways, the week I came back, we had sex that morning before school, and the day after. The best part was that I got a free ride to school. ..

But, it was more than the sex. We could relate to each other. On so many levels. We could talk about anything. I told him my stories, he told me his, and that's how we grew closer. I felt protected when I would talk to him, when I would be around him. He was what my life had been missing. ( but here is where things got harder). Because we would flirt in school and stuff, and everyone knew he was in a relationship, certain people started spreading rumors. Even one of my friends. Someone even came up to me and asked if me and bleep were having sex. I was so embarrassed and ashamed, but I didn't want to leave bleep alone.

I actually had someone that was mine, or partially mine. And I loved it. But then I got tired of being the side chick, I wanted someone that was all mine. So, I met this guy who was on my bus. He started talking to me first. it was weird because a guy like that with a girl like me... Never. But yes It did happen. Sad part is, he would only talk to other girls in school and text me after. He told me he would only cherish me if we had sex, so yes I gave in. I had sex with him a few times, and even went out of my element and did oral. It only got worse. He pressured me for it every day and he was very abusive physically and mentally. But I didn't let him go....

And that was when my life started to fall apart.

He guys if you want part 2 follow me and message me. I have so much more to tell about me and bleep, and my abusive relationship with the other guy. Message and let me know, Thanks!