I'm definitely sure that everyone on WHI is already decently basic like myself, but just in case you were having a little bit of trouble... here are some things you need to be basic. Welcome to How to Be Basic 101!


starbucks, drink, and coffee image

UGG Boots

ugg, winter, and uggs image

All of the Apple Products

apple, iphone, and ipad image

Owning Anything With This Pattern On It

wallpaper, marble, and background image

Perfectly Maintained Acrylic Nails

nails, black, and arctic monkeys image

Designer Makeup Brands

makeup, naked, and beauty image

Fall Needs to Be Your Favourite Season

autumn, fall leaves, and colours image

A Designer Bag of Some Sort

bag, fashion, and black image

An Unhealthy Caffeine Addiction

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Being Drawn Towards Artsy & Cute Cafés

coffee, autumn, and fall image

The Need to Instagram/ Snapchat EVERYTHING (especially food)

food, coffee, and burger image


key, pink, and gold image

In Love With Laptop Stickers

cool, laptop, and stickers image

Disney Movie Fanatic

cinderella, disney, and princess image

Hopeless Romantic

article and quote image

An Obsession With Tumblr Room Decor

A WHI Account

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*cover image from Felicia @felicia_wei